Best Places to Buy Movies and TV Shows

There are many websites providing digital movies/TV shows or DVD version online. However, with plenty of choices to buy movies or tv shows, we are confused. Which is the best place to buy movies or TV shows or DVDs? We always want to get the lastest movies, the best service and the best quality.

iTunes Store - The primary choice for Apple's devices users.

For people who have an iPhone or iPad or other Apple devices, the primary choice is iTunes movie store. But before purchasing digital content from iTunes store, you should know that all iTunes movies and TV shows are DRM protected. You're pretty much locked into Apple iDevices and iTunes-running computers for playback. If you want to watch iTunes movies/TV shows on other non-Apple devices, you have to turn to an iTunes DRM removal software for help.

Amazon Instant Video - Watch Movies Instantly

To me, I prefer to purchase movies/TV shows digital version on Amazon. With Amazon Instant Video service, we can watch the movie instantly without download.

Of course, you can also download the movie to your local computer or other mobile devices. You should notice that the movies purchased on Amazon are also copy protected by Windows Media DRM, which can be watched on janus portable devices only.

Amazon also provides plenty of DVDs and Blu-ray DVDs for sale. You can always get the lastest information and release of any new movies here.

Walmart - The Cheapest Place to buy DVD/Blu-Ray DVD

Walmart is always the cheapest and the most convenient store to buy DVD movies or Blu-ray DVDs. It provides us with excellent service and the flexible return policy. For people who want to collect DVD movies/Blu-ray DVDs, the killer price is the advantage of Amazon.

Netflix - Watch Movies instantly and get DVDs shipped

NetFlix is an American provider of on-demand Internet streaming media available to viewers in North and South America and many other places like UK, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden. On Netflix, we can watch movies instantly as well as buy or rent DVDs.


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