Digital Videos and DVDs, Which is Your Best Favorite?

The was betweem digital and hard copy is start from music, like digital MP3 and CD. But nowadays, it spread into movies, books. When you are trying to buy books or movies, will you choose the digital copy for less money or the physical copy for better enjoyment? Here I want to give you some points to choose DVD copy or digital copy for movies.

1. Digital Movies (iTunes, Amazon, Netflix, Youtube etc.)


If you like the digital movies more, you can buy the movie or TV show episodes from many online retailers, like iTunes movie store, Amazon Instant video, CinemaNow, Youtube etc. With online purchased digital movies, you can watch them instant you want.

Most online retailers provides different modes to get the digital movies. One mode I like is rental. For some movies I don't want to store forever, I can just pay few money (usually from $3.99 to $9.99) to rent it. However, there are more limits on the rental movies. For example, iTunes rental movies can be owned for 30 days or 24/48 hours from you start to playing it.

The most important factor I like to buy digital movies is that I can watch the digital movies/TV show episodes on my mobile devices on the go. So if you are the person who like traveling, digital copy will be perfect.


Most digital movie providers add limitations to the digital content you paid for. DRM technologies is the most popular method they used to protect the copyright of digital movies. DRM technologies are used to prevent consumers accessing their purchased/rental content more freely. For most digital content, we can only watch it on specific mobile devices and related media players on computers. However, we can't convert or edit these digital videos at all. The other disdvantages of digital copy is that there is always a risk that the format you purchase will become obsolete or that the file will become corrupted.

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In addition, not all TV show episodes can be purchased or rented as digital copy online.

2. DVD Copy


DVD Copy is the traditional mode accepted by most people. When you buy DVD copy movies from physical store or network, you will get a real DVD disc, and you own the movie. You can store it on your drawer forever and watch the DVD with DVD players. What's more, you can lend the DVD disc to your friends, families, which is not allowed with digital copies.


However, DVD discs take up too much physical space. If you are a movie addict, and like to collect many DVD discs, you will need a big book shelves to store your DVD discs. And DVD disc is also much cheaper than digital copy. Besides, it's very easy to get damaged, like watering, scrathed and dropping etc.


For people who want to watch the movie instant, then digital copy is more suitable. Generally speaking, I like to buy or rent digital movies from network for some common movies. However, for some favorite classic movies, I would prefer to buy the DVD copy and store it for a long time.


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