Apple Introduced iTunes Extras Back for Apple TV/iOS 8

What's iTunes Extras?

iTunes extras is a kind of iTunes movie extra content to give consumers a wide scope of movie content. It provides image galleries, short videos in high resolution. With iTunes extras, you can also preview the sence, commentary from the director separately. In some ways, iTunes extras works like DVD menu to the movie, it allows you watch the iTunes movie in different chapters, which means you can choose whatever sence you want to watch separately.

itunes extras

Apple Brings iTunes Extras Back in This Autumn

iTunes extras was first introduced in 2009. However, following the release of Apple's second generation AppleTVs in late 2010, the support for iTunes Extras was aborted and became available solely on PC-installed iTunes. In July, 2014, Apple added iTunes extras feature free in new iTunes 11.3, which means users who purchased HD movies can download the iTunes extras free as well. The SD movies and rental movies are not included. And they also announced that the iTunes extras would be supported in Apple TV and the coming iOS8 in this fall season. And it was realized in September, 2014.

How to Watch iTunes Extras on Apple TV

It will be a great enjoyment to watch iTunes extras on Apple TV. Here let's walk through how to play the iTunes extras on Apple TV.

Step 1. Click "Movies" icon on Apple TV home screen, then navigate down to "All Movies".

Step 2. Find the movie you want to watch. If there is iTunes extras contained in the movie package, you'll see the blue badge at the top right.

find itunes extras on Apple TV

Step 3. Click "Play", then navigate to the Extras, find the correct extras you want to watch. That's done.

watch itunes extras on Apple TV


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