Remove DRM Protection From Amazon Music, Videos and Kindle eBooks

Amazon is one of the largest digital content provider. There are abundant of musics, movies, TV shows and eBooks sold on Amazon store.

1. Amazon MP3 - DRM Free Music

Amazon should be the pioneer of DRM-Free, cheap music soldiers among all music providers. It announced that it will sell music without digital rights management (DRM) from the four major music labels (EMI, Universal, Warner Music, and Sony BMG), as well as many independents in 2008. So if you don't want any DRM protection on your purchased music , Amazon music store is the best place for you to buy MP3 album and single tracks.

However, it's not so easy as we thought. Something more you should aware of is that
"Our ability to offer music to you in MP3 format is limited by the rights granted to us by the record companies. Currently, not all record companies grant us a license to sell their music for download in MP3 format free of digital rights management software. "

This means you can still find some copy protected music on Amazon. And if we purchas these music, we can't share the music, store the music on more MP3 players, like iPod.

In this situation, an Amazon Music DRM Removal software will be helpful. You can check this article to learn how to remove DRM protection from Amazon Music with Aimersoft.

2. Amazon Instant Video - DRM Encrypted Videos

Unlike the music content, all Amazon videos are DRM encrypted, and can't be used freely. The videos we got from Amazon Instant video is WMV format, can protected by Windows Media DRM. This means we can't watch the Amazon videos on many other devices, like iPad, iPhone.

Remove DRM Protection From Amazon Videos

  • * Step 1. Download Aimersoft DRM Media Converter Free Trial and install on your computer.
  • * Step 2. Click Add button to import Amazon DRMed videos to Aimersoft. You can also drag and drop videos to import.
  • * Step 3. Choose output format by clicking "Video Files to" for converting Amazon DRMed video.
  • * Step 4. Click "Start" button to start conversion.
remove drm from amazon video

Click to learn more information about striping DRM from Amazon Instant videos

3. Amazon Kindle eBooks - Kindle DRM Removal Software

Amazon Kindle eBook store may be the most popular one for people to buy and download eBooks. But the Kindle eBooks are also copy protected and can be read only on Kindle devices, or other devices that support Kindle eReader App. Of course, we can also use some Kindle eBook DRM removal software to bypass the Amazon DRM on Kindle eBooks, like ePubor.

ePubor Ultimate Converter is an all-on-one eBook DRM removal and eBook DRM Converter software for both Mac and Windows users. Main Features as below:

  • * Converting an encrypted eBook only needs 3 clicks
  • * Convert eBooks from almost all the popular retailers
  • * Modify meta data, bring intactness to a book
  • * Library Search, locate books instantly

Here is the tutorial of how to remove DRM from Kindle eBooks.


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