iBook DRM Removal - How to Crack DRM From iTunes iBooks

buy iBooks from iBook storeIf you prefer to purchase eBooks from iBook store, you would know that all iBooks are DRM protected as other content provided by Apple. You can't read the iBooks on other eReaders except iPad. How can we do if we need to read the iBooks on Kindle eReader or Nook eReader or a Kobo ereader?

The primary thing we should do is finding a iBook DRM Removal tool for help.

If you are also looking for some DRM Removal tools to bypass the DRM protection on iTunes purchased/rental movies and TV shows, you can use ViWizard for Mac.

The best iBook DRM Removal Tool

ViWizard iBook DRM removal is a highly recommended iBook DRM removal software for Mac users. With this powerful iBook DRM remover, you can easily crack the Fairplay DRM from iTunes iBooks and convert ePub to DRM free ePub format with DRM free.

What's more, this iBook DRM removal also enables you read the iBook on almost all eReaders including Amazon Kindle, Nook ereader, Kobo and Sony eReader. After cracking the iBook DRM, the iBooks can be opened on your desktop with popular eBook reader software as well.

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How to Crack FairPlay DRM From iBooks?

Step 1. Download the iBooks from iTunes iBook store at first

To remove DRM from iBooks, you need to download the purchased iBooks to your local disk at first. Login with your Apple ID, and find the purchased iBooks in the iTunes library, then download it to your computer.

Step 2. Add iBooks to iBook DRM removal software

Click "Add Files " button to import iBook ePub files.

steps on converting DRMed kindle ebooks

Step 2. Start converting DRMed ePub iBooks

Click "Convert" button, then the conversion will be started soon. After all conversion finished, you can read the iBooks anywhere you want.

This iBook DRM remover also supports editing metadata for iBooks or other ebooks. So you can modify the title, author, publish date for any eBooks or even add your own rate and comments.


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