How to Read eBooks on Samsung Galaxy S5?

read ebooks with samsung mobileAs more and more people like reading eBooks on their portable devices, and the low-cost but same powerful android devices is their primary choice, so it's urgent to provide a tutorial of reading ebook on Andorid devices for such eBook lovers.

In this article, we will take Samsung Galaxy S5 for example and guide you how to read eBooks on Samsung Galaxy S5.

About eBook Reader Apps

As we all know, each eBook retailer will provide their own eBook Reader apps for their consumers. For reading Kindle eBooks, we can download Kindle reader app on our devices. For read Nook ebooks, we can download Nook ereader app. For un-protected eBooks, we have more choices of eReader apps on Android devices, like Cool Reader, FBReader, Moon + Reader and OverDrive. All these Non-DRM protected eBook reader app supports ePub, DOC, Text, HTML, Mobi ebooks without copy protection.

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How to Download eReader App on Samsung Galaxy S5

Most eReader Apps are available on Google play. For example, if you want to download Kindle eReader app, you can search "Kindle" on Google Play, and download it to your Samsung Galaxy S5. Of course, you can also download the Kindle eReader app from their official website via browser.

download Kindle ereader app from google play

Download Kindle eReader app via browser

If you can't access the Google Play, then you can choose to download Kindle ereader app via browser. Here below are the details.

Step 1. Launch browser and search "Kindle for android apk download" on Google.

search kindle on android device browser

Step 2. Click Download button to start download the Kindle eReader APK

search kindle on android device browser

Step 3. Tap the downloaded file after download finished

Sync eBook to Kindle App on Samsung Galaxy S5

After installed the Kindle eReader App on your Samsung Galaxy S5, you can register the eReader app with your Amazon account which you used to purchase eBooks, then all your eBooks will be synced to the eReader on Samsung Galaxy S5 automatically. And you can also purchase more eBooks on Samsung Galaxy S5 directly in the Amazon store.

connect your amazon account to kindle app on Galaxy S5purchase ebook on Galaxy S5


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